Tutorial - make a path animated object in blender, bake it to .fbx and bring it online


This tutorial is about how to bake a path animated object in blender to fbx, and Import it to highfidelity. It’s my first tutorial, feel free to give me a feedback and suggestions - or just ask, if something is not clear enough. Thank you!

Here is the vid:

Here the step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Add a NURBS circle to your 3D viewport

SHIFT-A > Circle > Nurbs Circle

  1. scale it to the size you want, this will be the orbit for our small planet.

right click and select it > S > move the mouse and resize the nurbs circle

  1. Go to the property of the nurbs circle. Look for ‘Path Animation’ and select the number of frames you want. In this demo it’s 300.

  2. Go back to the viewport, and add a UV Sphere. This will be our planet. Scale it to the size you want.

SHIFT-A > Mesh > UV-Sphere > S > scale it with the mouse

  1. Lets link the planet to the NURBS circle.

Right click the planet and while holding SHIFT also right click the Nurbs Circle > STRG P > and select Follow Path

  1. Now we need to move the planet to the origin of the NURBS circle. The dotted line between the NURBS Circle and the planet shows you the origin. change the viewport to orthografic and top-view and drag the planet to the origin point:

NUM 5 > NUM 7 > move the planet to the origin of the dotted line

  1. In the timeline, set the end frame to 300. Here our animation will stop and start again from 1

  2. Now we bake the animation. Go to the animation tab in the tool shelf and click Bake Action. In the new window, select:

    ✓ Only Selected
    ✓ Visual Keys
    ✓ Clear Parent
    ✓ Overwrite

  3. Now we save the .fbx

Goto File > Export > FBX

  1. In the Export options go to animation:

change simplify to 0

  1. Set also all options you want, for exporting textures etc, and press Export FBX

  2. Let’s change to the highfidelity viewer and bring it online.

Open your windows explorer, goto your .fbx file and drag it to the highfidelity viewer

  1. Open your ATP Server, look for the .fbx and rez it inworld. You don’t need physics for this animation.

  2. Open the properties for the .fbx, copy the ATP URL and paste it in the animation URL. Click the animation playing.

Voila! :sunglasses:

Model an animation from Blender only 50 frames supported?

Good tutorial
Does the path have to be circular? If I wanted to make a train that follows a winding route. Is that possible?


Hi @Judas, thank you :slight_smile:

yup, instead of the NURB circle, just add a normal path, mod the path in any way you like and link the object with STRG-P > Follow Path to your new path.


im moving that with my mindddd

fab , i didnt know path animations were a thing hifi could use awesome