Tweaking the Microphone audio settings


Treat me like a fool

Well I’m up and running on the windows version of Interface
and thought I’d spend a little time messing around with the audio settings to
try and get my voice sounding as good as possible.

HF has some cool tools to help do this and a tweak here and
there will make a world of difference.

To hear how you sound to other people you have 2 options
both in developer-audio debugging tools.

Firstly here you have echo local audio. Turn this on and u
can see how your mic’s sounding before anything gets sent around the world. If things
are pretty good move on. If all you can hear is fan noise and you scratching
yourself go to tools –audio and check which mic you have selected.

If you look at the nerdy specs of HF it looks like we can
sound way better than your crappy old Cd’s

So it’s going to be worth binning your crappy old Wal-Mart
headphones and mic and getting some decent gear. But I digress

Happy with the sound?  The next thing you can check is how you sound
to others once your sound has gone around the world.

To do this, go to developer-audio debugging-echo server
audio. This I love because you get an amazing slap back echo and you can if you
check there are no one around practice your Elvis impersonations.

If its sounding crackly and choppy there’s something you can
try.  Go to edit-preferences-advanced
tuning and turn up audio jitter buffer samples. It should have automatic at 0
but I was finding it choppy sounding. So I turned mine up to 20, but tweak it
save it and listen back to how you sound then adjust it more till the choppiness

Then you can get back to Elvis – top tip if you can
faceshift working you can do the faces 2



Hmm well in the 479 the selecting device options have gone, and the more I mess with the jitter control the more I think its not doing anything lol
But Kevin Thoys and I had a little live jamming session yesterday and the low latency thing is brilliant, we commented on how we have never been able to do this before over distance (second life voice can have over a second delay) But we could follow chord changes as if we were in the same room.
But I’m picky and demanding , the sound was a little choppy and crackly , but I think this is jitter control needing a tweak or 2
Its really exciting tho :slight_smile: