Two domains on HighFidelity one is always reachable and the other no


This is an interesting thing. I’m currently experimenting with HF since I want to propose this as a valuable tool for teachers to be used instead of opensim. So I created two domains currently under heavy experimentation:
PyramidCafe hosted on linode with 1G ram where I personally compiled the binaries from source,
Edu3d hosted on a “big” server with 24 G ram where I installed it using docker “official” image, since this appears the quickest way to install a release.

The weirdness is that Pyramidcafe is apparently always reachable when I change networks, for instance when I am at home or when I am in various offices,

while Edu3d appears completely black when entering in it from my Office, while it is completely ok when I am in my house (but otherwise not giving any error). PyramidCafe is always ok even from offices.

Edu3d is completely ok when accessed from my house.

The way I launched the docker image for edu3d is the following:

docker run -it -d -p 40100-40110:40100-40110/udp -p 40100-40110:40100-40110/tcp --name hf8305 highfidelity/hifi:8305

Are there any particular settings, ports or whatever to be checked when using docker images for guaranteeing they can be accessed from office lans?


From your screenshot, you are connected to the domain.
Seems to me like you are not connected to the different servers necessary.
You can press / to open the stats (might require dev settings to be enabled)
It will should show the ping to each individual server, if they are -1, then you are not connected to them.

Could you also send me the log of a session where you cannot connect?
Interface + Domain logs would be ideal.

- Clement


now I am at home and here it works like a charm. Will try again next time or will try to collect the logs if I find them … stay tuned . And thanks for answering me back :slight_smile: