Two Ideas for Implementation


I don’t know if anyone has come up with these and posted them but I did come up with two ideas for implementation (and please be nice if I missed something…)

  1. A built in radar. I log in right now and the place seems empty. Only when I open chat do I see that there are people around…somewhere. But where? It would be nice if we had a built in radar window (like in Second Life Firestorm etc…) which could tell us not only that there are people around, but if they are idle, how far away they are, if they are in another place altogether, and whatnot. I hope this isn’t a hugely complicated request to undertake, but it would not only make it very useful, but feel less empty atm.

  2. Timestamps in chat. I can’t find it, and I did look. Perhaps I missed it? But when I open chat, I don’t see timestamps, which makes it hard to see when the last conversation was. It may not be too problematic right now for others, but I’m on GMT+2 and that means I log in at “weird hours” in regards to probably most people.

Thanks for your interest,


  1. Open chat. Click one of the names on top and you’ll be instantly teleported in front of that person. But to make your radar thingy we would need AvatarManager to be accessible through JS and it also needs to provide list of other avatars and then we could make the radar our selfs with the scripting language.

  2. I am missing this one also.

Anyways, it would be nice to have a place were you could propose stuff and then vote on other peoples suggestions and maybe if hifi stuff also feels it is cool they would create a item out of it.


Yes, I know you can be transported to them. But it still would be nice to have some sort of range radar. It would certainly come in handy later on as well, I think. =)

The idea of a suggestion forum with votes is a great idea. I definitely second that idea.