Ubuntu 14.04 Helper scripts for compiling Domain Server and Assignment Client


Removing this content as it no longer works/applies. Ubuntu 14.04 does not contain an “easy mode” method for pulling in QT 5.3.2


I’m betting the thought has already crossed the minds of one or more of the devs here, and it may even already be on the planned timetable for HiFi, but what would really be neat to have down the road someday is a Live-CD that installs a complete Linux system onto a spare machine, with everything on it preinstalled to be a dedicated HiFi domain, where literally all you do is slap the CD in to a new machine with a blank HDD, and it turns that machine into a HiFi domain netpliance thingy. There’s live-CDs to turn spare machines into Network Attached Storage netpliances, live-CDs to turn spare machines into dedicated email server netpliances, etc, etc, so why not one that turns a spare machine into a HiFi domain? Something where you’d remotely log into it via a web-interface and configure it.


Yup. Basically if you could install a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 server image and do

I don’t suggest one do the following unless you want to try it on a clean virtual machine or some other unimportant machine you can run Ubuntu 14.04 Server on.

One more time - do not do this on a machine with anything important on it!

bash <(curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OmegaHeron/hifi-ubuntu-scripts/master/install_deps.sh)
bash <(curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OmegaHeron/hifi-ubuntu-scripts/master/setup_build.sh)
bash <(curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OmegaHeron/hifi-ubuntu-scripts/master/do_build.sh)

Then assuming neither I, Ubuntu or you had a mistake, you’d have a machine running AC/DS.


@OmegaHeron I am so glad you made these public now and to be honest you have done a fine job with them!

I know folks like me always like to see their information is put to use and expanded upon and I will admit this is something a lot of folks were looking for I am betting.


Another way to play with this could be with a cloud service like Digital Ocean. You can spool up a 512K RAM machine there for two months free if you have a referral code. I have a script that will set one of those up and get you running in a short time with a well connected machine on “real” internet. :wink: If anyone is interested or wants a referral let me know.


Please tell me you meant 512M (messing with you)


Thanks Coal! Wouldn’t have happened without your CentOS document and the initial Ubuntu guide that came from it.


To be honest I am going to write something like this up for CentOS soon enough, I really think this is the way it should be for new folks who just want something basic to get them started.


Great! I’ll see what’s needed for a pure Debian setup too - likely very little change unless the QT5 PPA is a problem.


As it happens, CentOS is what the email-server netpliancy thingy I’m using is built on.


To be honest, other than using Debian for my Proxmox servers, I run CentOS for all of the systems that manage my business etc.

I have been a RH guy for years but Debian has some great uses and of course with that comes Ubuntu.


This works only with machines running at home. or when you have your own server hosted in datacednter. It dont work with other dedicated servers you can rent on the internet. Unless soemday you get special High Fidelity hosters :smile:


Well, I wouldn’t say that 100%. If someone made an iso builder that created an iso with your assigned ip/router/subnet info and you could change other basic settings, then you used it to create a custom ISO, you COULD through IPMI load that custom iso any time the server is booted and then disconnect and the server stays up until rebooted.

Now, to further solve the problem, most data centers will - for free - burn an image you give them to a disk and put it in your server for you, thus being the live CD.

As long as the network settings were configured and hard coded into the iso, that is your hardest part really in using a live disk in a datacenter.

I have dealt with a lot of them and never had an issue, if needed, getting a custom disk burned and put into your servers optical drive as long as it was not pirated software etc.

Edited to add: If the server does not have IPMI built in, most will let you borrow a Lantronix Spider for a few hours.


Hey guys, I’m trying to get a domain server / assignment-client running on CentOS 5.5 but I can’t get Qt5 to build properly.

It’s giving me the following error when I run gmake:

tools/qtimezoneprivate_icu.cpp: In function âbool ucalOffsetsAtTime(void**, qint64, int*, int*)â:
tools/qtimezoneprivate_icu.cpp:153: error: âucal_cloneâ was not declared in this scope
tools/qtimezoneprivate_icu.cpp: In copy constructor âQIcuTimeZonePrivate::QIcuTimeZonePrivate(const QIcuTimeZonePrivate&)â:
tools/qtimezoneprivate_icu.cpp:293: error: âucal_cloneâ was not declared in this scope
tools/qtimezoneprivate_icu.cpp: In member function âvirtual bool QIcuTimeZonePrivate::isDaylightTime(qint64) constâ:
tools/qtimezoneprivate_icu.cpp:386: error: âucal_cloneâ was not declared in this scope
gmake[3]: *** [.obj/qtimezoneprivate_icu.o] Error 1
gmake[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.2.1/qtbase/src/corelib'
gmake[2]: *** [sub-corelib-make_first] Error 2
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.2.1/qtbase/src'
gmake[1]: *** [sub-src-make_first] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.2.1/qtbase'
gmake: *** [module-qtbase-make_first] Error 2

I have very little experience with this stuff so any help is greatly appreciated!


If you are using 5.5, it is fairly old now. I am posting a CentOS 7.0 tutorial right after this but I would suggest staying within the 6.5 to 7.x range for compiling HiFi right now.


Agree with that - I built a VM using 5.5 and it’s not going to be a happy voyage with it. If you have no choice but to run 5.5 then you’ll likely have to virtualize to ever get it going there.


Thanks guys. I’ll look into options for upgrading the OS and virtualization.


LOL I missed that somehow! Yeah, M :wink:


Withdrawing this for now - it currently supports QT 5.2 vs the now used QT 5.3. Will update once changes to dependencies (TBB libcuckoo etc) stabilize, if possible and as time permits.