Ubuntu Installer Script Beta - Info about CentOS Errors (CentOS Fixed?)


Right now I will say I am deeply sorry about those having issues on CentOS but something between CentOS and HiFi to handle assignment-clients. I will address the CentOS users later but right now the best thing to say is I do not have an answer as I cannot trace why killing processes (as hifi does for assignment-clients) can work vs not work in between two different Distros. If someone would like to work more on this with me and I here and up for the challenge and have plenty of DigitalOcean droplets to test with.

Now for the bigger news - I am working on Ubuntu Scripts. Since multiple people are moving over to ubuntu I am going to do the same and modify my scripts to run in Ubuntu now to help keep things automated. I am going to do some manual tests before I do any actual published scripts so it will be a few days until I first make sure the method I want to run the processes functions well enough in Ubuntu and then I can start the process of scripts after that.

Feel free to add anything here but I wanted to let everyone know I am not dead. This is just a problem that according to HiFi, cannot be fixed right now as there was an update pushed through on RHEL based systems that broke assignment-client normal functionality.


Alright, got a preliminary script written for anyone that wants to try it. As usual fresh install and all that but here are the steps:

NOTE If you are not root then you need to first run sudo su - to get to be root before running these commands /NOTE

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get install curl -y
If a box pops up during this process for grub just hit enter - Afterwards run:
bash <(curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nbq/hifi-compile-scripts/master/ubuntu-compile-hifi.sh)


Just to make sure everyone is clear, this script will only work in Ubuntu 15.04 because none of the others will work to compile hifi now with any ease.


I just checked today and CentOS 7 builds hifi fine now and while running it - it is no longer spawning a bunch of assignments like it used to… Dare I say it is fixed?