UI Avatar Indicator: Have to deal with pesky invisible avatars? Say no more!


Odd, everyone else worked fine with everyone in Welcome. Just note that the circle will not show up on you, but it will show up for anyone else as I said in the release notes.

Anyway updated it again with Menu Item. This one works for me and everyone else http://www.norteclabs.com/HF/scripts/utility/AvatarFollowerUI.js?12312387

You can now use the hot key U to toggle it on / off, and you can find the hotkey item in View > Avatar Follower UI

@Caitlyn, can you at somepoint place this item into edit mode again so I can update the assets?

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I think I found a bug.
Nobody, except myself, is in my domain, and yet there is a indicator at my domains landing point (0,0,0).



Yeah, I think i know the issue, basically its to do with the AvatarList returning a list with a null id (being your own avatar). Ill try to fix out it in the next iteration, which should also integrate use of Overlay Parenting.