UI buttons showing as blank


Okay, for the last several days, the little buttons along the sides and along the bottom of my Interface window have been showing as blank. I’ve tried reloading scripts, toggling the buttons off and on with the \ and have even stopped all scripts and manually loaded defaultScripts.js, but they’re still showing as blank. Any ideas?


I am also seeing this for some, but not all, buttons. A restart of the Interface.exe brought up some different buttons, and once I got all the right hand buttons, but none on the left.

The voxel size controls have gone on all attempts, I just see the current size number but no UI elements to make them larger or smaller. Same as in @Nathan_Adored screen shot above.


The buttons show fine here, but the scripts load terrible slow at setup, or generate error *see other topic) especialy the editvoxels script is extreme slow with loading. its a bit the slow speed of the secondlife “my secondlife” page. that one is so slow. it takes 10+ seconds now after laoding defaultssscripts.js before some buttons from editvoxels.js start to appear on the screen. in the past it where BANG on the screen. now its icon by icon you see it appear.

Still want to note that amazon is many times loading slow with updates.


Well, happily, somewhere along the line, with one of the newer installs of the Interface, all the buttons went back to showing their icons a couple weeks ago. I still have no idea what borked it, but then all I do is install the new versions of the Interface like everyone else. :slight_smile: