UI Font shows fractured text


All aspects of Interface has a choppy/fractured font. This is particularly bad when trying to work on entities as it leaves names and controls unreadable. I’ve included a mild example but it gives you the idea.

(In the included example, it only looks like the “p” is affected but that’s not the case when you’re editing an entity or viewing asset lists, etc.) I’m experiencing this issue on three different computers: Mac Mini (El Capitan), 27" iMac (High Sierra), and my 15" MBP (High Sierra). Otherwise, I’m not having any issues whatsoever.

I’m very new to High Fidelity; I’ve poured over the online docs and forum postings for hours today but I’m unable to find a solution. I have no clue where I might start looking on my system to find a solution.

"Getting Started with Scripting" is a nonstarter

it seems to affect any letter that have a part under the baseline. We can see that the ‘g’ have the trouble too in that screenshot.
It’s like if there was not enough room to contain correctly that font.


Sounds quite logical; TY! I looked (here in the Forum) to see if there are any suggestions for changing the font size or scale, but all the info seems to be a bit old. Is there some configuration file I can tweak to adjust the font?


Hi @Yrdi.Mihr,

Welcome to High Fidelity and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were able to reproduce it on our side just now.

I’ll dig into it a bit further and will update you here when I have more information and/or a solution.