Unable to add textures to Metavoxels


I suspect (very strongly) that I’m missing a trick here but when I create metavoxels I can’t get the diffuse map to apply when I use the materials brush.

I can change the colour with the material brush but the diffuse map seems to get ignored. I tried using one of the textures @chris posted in the meetup.

I’ve tried at localhost and on Alpha and get the same results.

Any ideas?


Hi @Ciaran_Laval check out the picture. Also make sure to hit the enter key after you put the texture in.


Make sure you hit the right enter key. the forgot to implement the enter key on the numpad. so its annoying you get regulair the goto menu when you hit enter. (and then pressing the wrong [x] to close the wrong window)


Thanks both, I had not hit the enter key.