"Unable to communicate with asset server"


Hi Gang,
I am logging back in after a year or two of waiting for HiFi to become more Noob-friendly. My internet access is abysmal… can barely get email at times, so hosting from my machine is pointless. But I have a nice server in a nice co-lo that I figured I could use for free. Except that neither myself, nor my uber-geek administrator “get” how to do it. I’ve spent several days looking for clues on this forum and the internet in general, and… no go. First we tried installing a linux version on a VM. After some wrangling and buying a place name, I can go there but it’s just a black hole. Thinking we screwed up the Linux version (still a possibility) we tried another install using Windows. Same deal. I can go there, but it’s just a black hole. No entities or assets of any kind. No default environment like the pictures show. If I click the create button and ask to open the asset server, it just says it can’t communicate with it. What are the magic words to “connect” the dots here?

I don’t have to install sandbox on my home machine for this remote machine to be recognized, do I? (Right now I just have Interface installed on my local machine…


Did you give your account permissions to edit / create things on your server?