"Unable to communicate with asset server"


Hi Gang,
I am logging back in after a year or two of waiting for HiFi to become more Noob-friendly. My internet access is abysmal… can barely get email at times, so hosting from my machine is pointless. But I have a nice server in a nice co-lo that I figured I could use for free. Except that neither myself, nor my uber-geek administrator “get” how to do it. I’ve spent several days looking for clues on this forum and the internet in general, and… no go. First we tried installing a linux version on a VM. After some wrangling and buying a place name, I can go there but it’s just a black hole. Thinking we screwed up the Linux version (still a possibility) we tried another install using Windows. Same deal. I can go there, but it’s just a black hole. No entities or assets of any kind. No default environment like the pictures show. If I click the create button and ask to open the asset server, it just says it can’t communicate with it. What are the magic words to “connect” the dots here?

I don’t have to install sandbox on my home machine for this remote machine to be recognized, do I? (Right now I just have Interface installed on my local machine…


Did you give your account permissions to edit / create things on your server?


I’m currently having this issue on the new server I try to setup.
The Asset server seems impossible to reach.
(and yes, my permission are correctly set, they were set as my previous server who died last week)

So far, the server is up, I can see it in Goto, I can go on it (I see my user appears in the Nodes.)
I set a unique UDP port
I have tried quite everything regarding the firewall, the router.

If I create something, it doesnt’ crash, but it doesn’t get saved.
If I do Edit / Asset browser, I get this:

If someone has an idea, please, let me know.


Hi @Alezia.Kurdis. Not sure it is related to your problem, but since a week around I have the same problem with the cloud domains (no matter which package was chosen). I try every day to setup a domain (in hope someone of the devs has noticed, that asset servers on cloud domains don’t works how they should). Even it is a fresh installed cloud domain, it has many problems to communicate with the asset server. And I can’t upload own stuff.

I don’t mentioned it here, cause I am a little bit tired of that now. I just hoped it will get fixed someday.


Good to know.

I’m to think it’s maybe a file missing in the installer, that was certainly there before since it was working A1 in my previous machine.
I have not tried to install Interface with the server on those machine… It’s my next planned move.


For example - another fresh setup cloud domain:

the download bar at the bottom of the screen is loading and loading and Nothing happens - the asset server window is empty. After long time, things get loaded, but can not add new stuff. Very annoying.


High Fidelity, your installer is buggy.

If you are installing only the server without interface on a new machine, then the Asset server just don’t work.
(I have wasted many hours to reviewing my setup machine-network-router-firewall before isolate the trouble.)

I also got the trouble with the Visual C redistribution issue. It would be good if we could have something to raise the trouble to the user when this is happen. This for sure could make new giving up quite rapidly.