Unable to find other users


Hi everyone. I have popped in periodically, and the one thing I’m finding is I can never find anyone. I have so many questions, However I have a bit of a problem with reading the how to’s and work better with videos. I am comfortable with blender. And have come from SL, looking for something more challenging. Any input would be really appreciated.



Most of us are usually online during the weekly dev meetings and for a bit after. Keep an eye on the forums for dates when these are on: these usually are by 2 pm San Francisco time on Fridays.

Most of the active users also feel to be from the EU so timezones may also clash.

Since everything is in flux being an alpha and all, with things tend to break or be broken with changes, many also have just taken a passive wait and see approach until more stabilization is present.

Usually you can just leave the questions here in the forums and you most likely will get an answer to the question.


There are around 20 active alphas, many of which hide their online status. The developers tend to be locked in their private domains.
Blender is compatible with most of the things that are currently implemented. And if you like a challenge, this is the place
Lord of the flies is the training manual

Welcome in :slight_smile:



cc: @Cher