Unable to launch High Fidelity, crashing at launch RESOLVED


Hello. Last night and tonight I have not been able to play High Fidelity, the game worked fine yesterday. But now upon launching the game crashes as soon as I launch it. I even tried reinstalling the platform through steam, I am sending the report after it crashes, but it does not state a reason for the crashes. If anyone has had a similar issue, some input would be very helpful. Thanks!


Okay so I seem to of fixed the issue. I ended up going to Steam\steamapps\common\High Fidelity, then clicked interface.exe, it prompted me to reset all my settings, I chose the option to reset all settings and keep avatar info. Now I am able to launch the game without crashing. Must of been a setting I selected that was not agreeing with my computer.


Next time it happens you can also follow these steps.