Unable to log in to server settings


I was going through the docs of the server settings and came along the portion that mentioned Basic Security and thought why not. So I input a custom HTTP username and HTTP password and when I click to save this change it reloads the page asking for the username and password I had just entered. I type it in and then it just brings up the login page again blank as though I had input the information incorrectly. Now I don’t know whether I used characters that weren’t allowed, if it isn’t accepting the correct information, or if I typed in the password incorrectly and now I am unable to replicate that mistake.

Is there any way to reset this or will I need to make a new account?


You can fix this by going to the config file and changing it. Its quite straightforward when you have access to the files.

You will need something like Notepad++ or some other code editor.
https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ download this free and really useful code editor.

Quit Sandbox.

Assuming Windows, go to C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity\domain-server\config.json.

Open the json.config in notepad++ and find the lines
"http_password": “c23ad6f18412014673b2d04794ca038ef6767fe94afe408dffb7753620000000”,
“http_username”: “adrian”,

Of course there will be your name and your encrypted password.

delete both lines entirely and save the file, then start Sandbox again.
Now refresh the settings page (http://localhost:40100/settings/)
and it should now show blank spaces for the HTTP username and HTTP password.

Put in your name and password as usual and save/restart. Should be good now.

Stick with letters and numbers both cases and normally accepted characters and refrain from using . (dot), comma, spaces, and slashes. (Underscore _ and dash - are acceptable in place of spaces or dots)


Thank you kind sir! This worked like a charm.