Unable to Move in VR Mode


Honestly, the more time I spend in High Fidelity, the more I appreciate Sansar!

I just updated the software before I came into the Zaru Film Festival. I got a continuous Content Loading message, and I could not move my avatar in VR mode (I could turn around). I was able to move around when I was in desktop mode.

You guys broke something with this latest release.

Also, I noticed that when you choose to do a clean install, which I elected to do this time, that it wipes out your avatar so I have to set it up again. Would be nice if the installation software actually warned you about that! :frowning:

Yeah I know, you get what you pay for. And HiFi is free. I just wish it wasn’t so buggy.


Weird. Sorry about that! We haven’t had anyone else report that this build made it impossible for them to move. If you have any more information on what’s happening to you, please do us the favor of getting in touch with support@highfidelity.com.

(One thing to check before you do - make sure you’ve got advanced avatar movements turned on. Find it via Settings -> Advanced Movement for Hand Controllers. Otherwise, you’ll need to teleport. You can find instructions on that via Help on your tablet in-world.)


OK that fixed my problem! Thank you!



I understand Ryan’s frustration… I tried to enter HF again 2 nights ago after downloading the new beta version and I also had difficulty moving my avatar around in VR (with my VIVE)…My avvie was glitching like crazy and things were taking longer than usual to load…Perhaps there is an additional reason? I believe my vive controller script is working properly as usual…


…and another friend has been having the same frustration with this new HF issue (also using a VIVE)…


HiFi and Sansar are different beasts, both ideologically and physically. Sansar is created in house using millions of dollars made from SecondLife, while Hi Fi is a ground up grass roots environment built mainly by it’s users from early on. Both basic structures differ too. Linden Lab hold the strings and income in Sansar, while High Fidelity is open to all and people run their own domains. There are also different costs with both. Yes, Hi Fi has hiccups, but they have always been open to the testers and not hidden from view. Fundamentally it’s the argument of lock-in versus open internet systems and we all know what happened there - anyone remember Compuserve?

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