Unable to setup audio error with Logitech g930 headset


I have been having a hack of a time lately trying to figure out why I heard nothing from my headset when using HiFi. I tried to go to the meeting but heard NO ONE and today I dug into the logs and found out why.

I am using OSX 10.9.2, newest Interface from HiFi, even searched did not find anything specifically related to headsets so I am asking this in hopes you guys can help me out.

  1. It works fine when headset isnt connected, but that is not something I can do as I must use headset.
  2. Logitech has no software for the Mac for this headset so nothing there to interfere.
  3. I found the bits of the log explaining it fairly much what it going on but I cannot find a way to handle changing the format or anything like that so anything will help.
  4. It does not crash, just no audio.

Thanks and here is that part of the log:

[2014-05-11T02:22:58] The default audio input device is "Logitech G930 Headset
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] The audio input device “Logitech G930 Headset” is available.
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] The desired format for audio I/O is QAudioFormat(24000Hz, 16bit, channelCount=1, sampleType=SignedInt, byteOrder=LittleEndian, codec=“audio/pcm”)
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] The desired audio format is not supported by this device
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] The default audio output device is “Logitech G930 Headset”
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] The audio output device “Logitech G930 Headset” is available.
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] The format to be used for audio output is QAudioFormat(24000Hz, 16bit, channelCount=2, sampleType=SignedInt, byteOrder=LittleEndian, codec=“audio/pcm”)
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] Ring Buffer capacity in samples: 5120
[2014-05-11T02:22:58] Unable to set up audio input because of a problem with input format.