Understanding Blendshapes


I’ve been reading the avatar threads and it leaves me wondering just what are Blendshapes? Are they blend targets or are they created by moving facial bones? In one video we export from Makehuman which has no feature to export visomons but only expressions to hmx2. In Blender when we import hmx2 we select “face shapes.”

Are the visomons exported from Makehuman or are they created and attached to the model by the hmx2 plugin?


blendshapes in everything but blender which calls them shapekeys.
they are topoloigical deforms

i made a really outtadated video on making them


You know I watched this video a very long time ago. I think it’s pretty ingenious. The question I have is are we creating them in Blender or are these blendshapes being brought in by Makehuman? Makehuman used to have visomons and I was wondering if they are exported with the hmx2 format or not.