UndoStack is being removed from the API


The UndoStack is an API that the Create tool uses to manage undo/redo. Given that it is a globally shared undo stack, it was never clear how it should behave with multiple scripts using it, which may or may not be active and which might have even been stopped since they pushed an action to the stack.

The API is being deprecated in RC71 and will be removed in RC72.

Please let me know if you have any concerns about its removal.


I was wondering is there anything replacing it?

undo and redo are still quite powerful to use when one accidentally flings an entity off the distance with the current edit tools, and would also be quite handy if one would create their own version of edit, or anything that would need undo inworld.


Hi Menithal!

I should have clarified - edit.js will retain undo/redo functionality using its own implementation. The implementation is fairly portable, which I can move to a module to make reusability even easier. Menu integration will be separate, so a developer would need to implement that themselves.

I hope that helps clarify, but please let me know if you have other thoughts or concerns.