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Who’s next?


Is this script fix only the skeleton coming from MakeHuman ?


I can do MakeHuman conversions and I can do ManuelBastioni conversions. I suppose I can do any conversion; but I’m only offering these two right now. 7 hours later and no offers. I’m honestly surprised; considering how many of you complain about avatars all the time.



At this stage I imagine a lot of the HF userbase are more “I want a way to do it myself (accepting some, but not excessive, effort)” rather than “do it for me”. That will re-balance the other way as the platform attracts more content-consumer types going forward, I’m sure.


You made a valuable script but, no offense, it’s probably because it’s still far to be the solution.

It’s nice to be able to get a rigged avatar, but frankly the material is a bit poor out of the box. If we have to run a script each time and redo all the material, this is already faster with Fuse-Mixamo.
There is right now practically no cloths for this, even in Make Human it-self, its limited.
This is not a flow for a very large audience.

The avatar problem is not that we are not able to find a way to create ours… It’s about people with less knowledge in 3d design and mainly less patient that us that will just not find their place here, and they are the majority. (Unless they prefer a red ugly bird or a barrel… which they can already use in at least 2 other worlds)

Seriously… with no serious avatar flow attached to HiFi… it reduces a lot my motivation to invest time to create something in it.


Yeah it’s a nice idea but I’m not sending my work to anyone for them to finish
It’s why this needs to be part of hifi or not at all .I don’t like fuse 2 much fixing make human Ava’s all look like bloated corpses manual bastions look great till u convert them from cycles when they need starting over.i like the mmd Ava’s but by the time u get em in here u remove everything that made them cool .still waiting to see an avatar in here as good as second life ones ,if I’m honest


You could find out for yourself, but instead you refuse to pony-up a .blend avatar file to find out. That’s ok, as Judas was saying, he’d rather not send off his work for someone else to finish.

Groovy then. I’ll take the offer down. See you guys in June…


You say it… this is the minimum expected for 2018… I think.


Imagine the lesson
heres how u rig an avatar
then u send it off and a guy does somthing to make it work in hifi that you wouldnt understand
im not teachin that

re sl avas

first page i googled
how do yours look?


They don’t have a ‘look’ because I’m not offering avatars. That is the part of the equation I think you missed. I’m offering a conversion process. That makes me similar to mixamo’s (or fuse, idk) “riggifier” magic web interface. That’s all I’m suggesting I can do for you. The front end web portion is still under-development so I thought I was doing a good deed by offering a manual conversion as proof-of-concept. Shame on me… ‘no good deed goes unpunished right?’


Isnt getting at u
till the usebase passes the number of developers then, why worry about making a buisness


It all circles back to your example man; someone has to be the first to step through the door. Even if it means they get shot dead. :wink:


Somone hold his arms whilst i kick him :stuck_out_tongue:


I Applaud your effort @AlphaVersionD! From my point of view as a blender user you said you wouldn’t do the fingers or the facial animations, so this service is essentially already is attainable with @Menithal 's avatar compendium rig. Blender itself does a really good job these days with the auto weights/skinning.

I think the challenge is getting a standardized set of templates or starters that can be distributed and added to by other designers, menithal goes a long way to doing it from a rig point of view, but I think we need the same thing for some character base types that way people could start to make reusable clothing etc…

note, For maya users recently I’ve been having a chat in world with some folks, keep in mind you have the ability to use the standard human rig with very little modification as far as I understand, so this blender stuff may not be needed for you!


The demo provides no Blendshape and no fingers as a way to prove that my pipeline is legit. The paid for service will obviously provide a complete avatar. As you said, why would anyone use it otherwise? :slight_smile: Thanks for the support! I’m staying optimistic, and have plans to incorporate creators in my deployment.

I also foresee a fragmentation of domain ownership (duh) and I do have plans to publish the needful information to participate in my domain at the “merchant” level. It’s very exciting!