Unofficial In-World Event: Susan Kare Voxel Contest (May 20-26th)



X: 6140
Y: 203
Z: 6700

Time: All this week until May 26th, 2014

I think in-world events (such as the official meetings) are a good way for people to collaborate and have the water-cooler effect of meeting each other and testing interactions of all kinds.

Thus I’ll propose this one and see if I can get the ball rolling… or perhaps discover a wall that stops it. I’m not trying to have a successful event, but to see what issues there may be in having one. I’m calling it a “contest” but I’d not participate with the idea of prize :slight_smile:

The sandbox domain feels like the right place to do this. As far as coordinates, it will be within the same coordinates as my plot. However let me emphasize that I’m not reserving this area nor guaranteeing it’s stability. All creations made for this experiment could and probably will be wiped at any time, but the idea is to recreate them.

So who is Susan Kare?
She is the designer responsible for some of the earliest Mac icons.

I think we should all go to the coordinates above and fill it with replicas of her icons along with our own 3D versions. I’m suggesting all voxels, but if you have a mesh prefer, go for it. When possible, script your art to make sure you could make it again in the case of a wipe, but her icon work is simple enough to make again if it gets deleted.

I’m making this up as I go, so post suggestions, questions, and other tions.


I was really happy to see some random paint buckets floating around!
Since the Sandbox is rather unstable, do consider taking pictures and posting them here :slight_smile:


Wilson suggested that I try something within my level of competence.


found this yesterday :smile:


Thanks to everyone who contributed, most pictures were added to the random picture thread.

If you participated, I’d love to hear what experience you had with it, good or bad. (also what OS and computer specs did you have)

If you wanted to participate, but couldn’t, what stopped you?