Unused items in Create app?


Hey everyone,

I’m here to ask a few questions relating to specific items in the Create app.

Does anyone use the following, and if so, what for?:





I’m using the hyperlink field as a kind of TP to places within the domain. The user clicks on an entity with the hyperlink URL and is sent to the address. I would really appreciate it, if we could keep that :slight_smile:


Description - Yes. I use it for mental notes on what I am working on and to act as a description for users.

HREF - Rarely, but helpful in debugging. This used to be pretty useful, but not so much anymore due to portal scripts. That being said, if there was a way to upgrade hyperlinks (such as adjusting how they are triggered), it could be an interesting revival. Either way, I know some domains do still use it due to its simplicity.


Hyperlinks: Last time I checked, this was working only in Desktop, not in HDM.

I would keep the Description field, it can be useful.


Worked in HMD for me. Just tried it today with WMR.


Yes I use this feature please remove it as is policy


The description field is important to keep and very usefull. It’s usefull to give extra information that is easy readable.

The hyperlink am not sure,
You could put that in userdata to.


Thanks everyone for your feedback. It was useful in making the decision to keep them. I just need to be thoughtful about placement in the app.

Thank you all!




I would dare to ask you High Fidelity staff if you can set a help description of what is a field for.
Href field I would never have thought it could teleport you to another location.
I was suggested from one of my students of this important thing after I have developed a 50 lines long script teleporting at touch, and one of my students asked me why they should use a complex script when there is this possibility… If only had I knew… :slight_smile:
I’m suspecting that only mad people can have understood this from the Hyperlink name alone.
Once you have understood what an option is, maybe you understand if and why and when you need it :slight_smile:
Description I have seen that somebody used it for the license. CC0 or CC BY or similar.
Used this way it would be really useful and a very good convention. In such case it would be nice if you can have http hyperlinks inside to go do full documentation of an object. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea?
This can be especially useful now that we understood that the marketplace cannot host low quality material, i.e. 90% of the material I use in my educational classes. This way one can have good and in-depth documentation for an object simply opening the description and clicking hyperlinks or viewing images.


You are so right! We’re working on tooltips that are integrated into the Create app, for quick glances at what a field does (on top of naming the attributes in a more clear way.)


Please do not forget to add option in settings to disable tooltips.

The can be your friend, but many times your enemy to by pop up when you not want it and block view.