Unwelcome Snooping


Would someone like to tell me why there are 2 bot agents that I can’t force-kill running in my server!!! I’m not so arrogant to believe I’m anyone special; so who else among us has noticed this?

screenshot of the settings page after I logged out. shown: 2 agents

_only shows up in @ctrlaltdavid Radar App. Not shown in People _

cc: @thoys , did you do this? If not; who is, and why?


Are they perhaps recordings being played by playRecordingAC.js assignment client script instances on your domain?


No. They are not recordings. BUT, isn’t playRecordingAC.js automatically provided with the default StackManager install? I’m fairly certain I deleted that one awhile back; (not because it’s bad; it’s pretty incredible what it does) I also checked with an internal associate (my team), whom will be working with agents next week; and he told me he hasn’t started yet. So I have 2 bots, stacked one on top of the other that I can’t get rid of.

Pretty shady Hi Fi… I thought we were cool…

You (High Fidelity Inc.) may own the software; but not my comapny server blades. We own those; so please inform the rest of us if you’re intending on camping in peoples domains. Honestly, you might be doing me a favor and I don’t even realize it. Maybe through the magic of the Stack and Client you guys are doing pre-alpha testing of the distributed computing. If you are; you could have told me. I would have been fine with that.

I’m probably over-reacting. I’ll check into this further given the possibilities proposed by David and Menithal… I’ll take the high road. You guys have always had my back; (especially the last six months) so I’m certain there must be some kind of misunderstanding.

Deep breaths… Ok, I’m diving in… I’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime, server operators might want to check on their agent-count. Just as a checkup. :slight_smile:

cc: @Jess


Have you double checked the agents IP?

If they are the same as the server, then it is likely there is an entity server script or a script on AC creating them. Otherwise you could technically just block them if they are external or chase them down that route.


Only have two assignment client scripts running and neither of them spawn agents. Lemme grab some screens…


Ok, so this explains the fact that it is 2; but the wooden avatars were NEVER there prior to version 0.72 and these scripts (or an earlier version of them) have been in existence on this blade for over 9 months…

Killed the persistent scripts, and now the agents have been removed from the list. Let’s check on the wooden avatars next…

Ok that settles it. So we have a bug in 0.72 that will create a legitimate default woody for each and every Persistent Script you have running. Scared the crap outta me. I’ve also noted it’s not nice to blame @Thoys even though previous posters have shown it to be so fashionable.


But at least we can agree, that the bots used as persistent scripts previous to 0.72 beta did NOT have avatar models assigned and therefore this was a perfectly acceptable reaction I just had. Right? heh…