[Update] Beta Release 74 Now Scheduled for Monday, Oct 22, 2018


The latest beta release rollout is ready, but there are significant issues with GitHub. We are waiting for those to be resolved before we roll out the update. Stay tuned here!

In the meantime, here’s what you can expect in v0.74.0, which now includes a more complete and clearer list of features, improvements, and a list of fixes.


  • Discoverable Tablet: The tablet is now more discoverable in headset mode. When you gaze at your open palm, a mini tablet will appear. To enlarge and access your tablet, squeeze the trigger finger on the hand where the mini tablet displays, or use the trigger finger on the opposite hand to select the “expand” button on the mini tablet.

  • System Tray Notifications: Notifications are now available. Even if High Fidelity is not open, you will be notified in real-time when your friends are online, when you receive HFC, when a popular event is taking place and more.

  • See other users teleporting: When other users teleport, you will see them move from one spot to another, rather than disappear and reappear in the new location.

  • Marketplace Item Tester: We now provide an all-in-one tool to help you to test and troubleshoot your content more efficiently. The Marketplace Item Tester is available from the Developer menu in Interface. Please note that if your item tests successfully, it simply indicates the content is functionally complete and ready for import into the Marketplace. The Marketplace team will still need to manually check other factors, such as mesh closure or ensuring content is not copyright protected, before approving it for sale on the Marketplace.

  • Create an account from the Android App: You can now create a High Fidelity account directly from the Android app.

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Android: You can now enable acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) on Android debug builds for improved voice quality.

  • Interstitial page is displayed while transitioning between domains: This will show the loading process and name of the domain you are entering.


  • Optimizations to the audio mixer and the avatar mixer were made to improve the performance for large-scale crowds in a single domain.
  • Your wallet now activates automatically when visiting the Marketplace.
  • If you have insufficient HFC in your wallet when you try to purchase an item from the Marketplace, a message will appear to prompt you to go to The Bank of High Fidelity to get more HFC.
  • The time to complete a handshake has been reduced to 10 ms.
  • Optimized Entity List view, improving performance while managing large numbers of entities.
  • Improved teleport landing pad display. You will now see footprint icons vs. the word “teleport.”
  • If play area boundaries are set up for Oculus, Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality systems, it will now display in headset mode when you teleport. This can be turned off in your settings.



  • When entering a domain using High Fidelity audio code, you will no longer crash.
  • If an incorrect password/username is used or a user switches to another app while on the login page, the “loading content” message will no longer appear indefinitely.
  • Note 9 users can now toggle between “Top View” and “My View.”


  • When calibrating Vive trackers, avatar hands and feet now display properly.
  • Avatars no longer load below or in the middle of the floor. No subsequent related action by users needed as a result of this fix.

User Interface (UI)

  • The error message displays properly when an incorrect username or password is entered or if a window is resized.
  • Invalid items can no longer be purchased from the Marketplace.


  • Soft avatar entities now scale correctly.
  • Angular velocity is no longer reset incorrectly to zero when an object resizes.

Please note: There is no protocol change, which means you do not need to download the latest version in order to visit domains running v0.74.0.


googlels interstitial
an advertisement that appears while a chosen website or page is downloading.

can we have a manually operated earth inverting implement at some point


No. No no no no no no no no!

Make this optional! I have no issues with a button to bring up the tablet and there are times when I do look at my hands when gesturing.

I thought this was slated for 75! This is not very well done and is once again being made mandatory! Like above, please include an option to not include it.


Nice, I can forget my idea of tunnel between domains… now we can’t avoid to feel the domain change :wink:

So we will do as in Sansar… listening music waiting the elevator door to open…


Is this going to be effective in the PC builds? If so, this should seriously be optional, unless you want history to repeat itself with runaway assignment-clients and the reason the server included installer is hidden away.

Does this work for apps?

Uh… what? This doesn’t make any sense. Does it now take 10ms less for the handshake?


look what happens when you just glance at your hands I am let you guys make up ideas about why this happens any time you shake your hands around as well


This is…BIG :astonished:
Can I adjust this in size?
Or how is the cool “fingers gliding over collidable entities” feature gonna work, if I have an iPhone strapped to my hand permanently?


Oh good… now we get dominos in our hands… with the stylus showing up…

Great… why is this a thing and will be made impossible to resolve unless you get your Javascript game going and cut it out?


Hum, this doesn’t add to the sense of immersion when you have this thing in your hand all the time… Are there complaints against using the interface to access this? I simply don’t understand the purpose of this.

This is a nice idea…


I keep missing meetings
Presumably the interstitial loading page and flappy hand tablet were top of everyone want and need list
And there sudden appearance only seems unusual to me cos I’m out the loop ?


Not just that, apparently the biggest thing to take from this is that it is more favorable to include features that the community has actively said isn’t ready or is not desired, yet will not take 2 characters out of defaultScripts.js and restore chat for everyone.

Now, on top of that, I’m reading the following:

if (Window.interstitialModeEnabled) {

So this does mean it can be made optional, but then I’m seeing the function to set it, setInterstitialModeEnabled hanging around the DomainHandler stuff.

So my question is, what controls when the interstitial page is activated? Even then, can it be fully disabled via an option?


Is this optional ? The first thing i like todo is disable it, if it’s not disabled default (would be good). The reason for that, it’s not simple at all. And it looks ugle if it appears with every look in your hand.

The old way:

  1. Press button, tablet is open. Simple !
  2. Use it

The new way the comes.

  1. Look at my hand
  2. Grab it off my hand
  3. Drop it
  4. Use it

How can something that need 4 steps be more easy then pressing a button. This option need to be default turned off and optional if people like the ugle thing everytime in the hand can be turned on.

The old way of open a tablet where never bad.

I hope this optional to. I do not want to get spammed with notifications in the tray. I have not seen it. But notifications in tray is something you need to avoid. It’s very annoying and disturbing. Just implement a good notification system inworld. I can open the v iewer and check.

Not sure what to think about the interstitial loading page. If it’s going the same bad way as sansar that you need to wait until domain is loaded. I go shake nmy head and say. No No No. Bad idea. Just loading the world when you go to it is fine. It’s one of the things that make high fidelity better then sansar for me.

Question, why is high fidelity add things people not want. like a degraded tablet use. while the old tablet way is perfect. In the meantime, waiting years for a good create app. and that’s still not available.


with all these little updates they’ve done is breaking people’s immersion everybody who’s tried it has feels the same way on all these tiny updates they’ve done

loading screen
tiny tablet

I will do crater video so you all can see it
==== JUST CLICK ON THE LINK TO SEE THE VIDEO https://www.dropbox.com/s/xvgcs1zpi9vc4a4/test%2074.mp4?dl=0
I am one of the lucky ones has fast Internet 9 MB so imagine how long it will take to load on the loading bar

You noticed that the tiny tablet keep popping up every time

We need options to disable these things are rethink about doing in the first place seems very testy to me it even crashed several times when I tried to go to different places @philip


I usually keep quiet about a coming feature until I have the opportunity to use it; but in this case I just need to know @Ashleigh_Harris, suppose a user has something in their hand already. Suppose it is an HTC Blaster Pistol that works with the HTC Vive Puck Sensors. Tell me, what will happen when the user looks at their hand?

This (the mini tablet) seems like a very bad idea. But anyone can come in and have an opinion, so how about I offer up an alternative?

If you don’t want to use the tablet button to pop the tablet, then maybe the people that won the 2016 HiFi hackathon wouldn’t mind implementing their gesture solution? In doing so, you’re allowing the tablet to be shown whenever a specific hand gesture is drawn in space.

Again, I don’t go spouting-off unless something pretty damn invasive is shoved on my Studio unwillingly.

We’re trying to keep our heads above water. Why are you doing this? Speak to any programmatic way to turn this feature off on behalf of the user; or some proposed work-around.

:: looks at @Judas :: Wer’re all ears…



The need to stop that sideways swiping. It does not feel very comfy and logic. The goto app proofs it. Up/Down swipe is better. in VR it’s mabye less problematic. In Desktop mode it’s bad.

In Desktop mode a complete different not tablet based UI would be big improvement.


I would like to scroll through the pages with the control stick on my oculus like in the oculus store. I would sacrifice the ability to walk or look around when the tablet is open for it. In general the UI of the oculus store is quit good. Also the placement of object in oculus home works well. The magnetic snapping to surfaces is a nice feature.


and we really do love waiting don’t we


Thank you for sharing the video of this… wow… I usually don’t comment on new features till I try them, but I would really like for there to be a toggle to disable the mini tablet. On by default is great for new users (…possibly helpful to the Android client with no physical controller buttons?), but I would prefer to turn it off if at all possible.



Watched the video. :roll_eyes: No, No, Nooo ! :scream:

That tablet is really bad. Also, a winner for the design of wasting cpu cycles for something useless. It drives you already nut’s on the video.

And that loading screen. Nooooo !

both options need to be turned of,
Or have option so you can turn it off.
But i hate it that you always need to turn good things on.
and the bad things are always default in software.

To keep a bit humor.