[Update] Beta Release 74 Now Scheduled for Monday, Oct 22, 2018


Maybe you could save precious dev time if you posted now the list of what you have planned for release 75 and 76.


I don’t want to disturb the round here, but I would like to say that I like the update. The notifications about friends going online or about marketplace sales are great. I even like the small tablet in the palm of my hand. I can imagine that this is just a first step. Surely the Devs will improve that. I also think it’s good to try something out. Possibly one can assign it to the not dominant hand. So, not all users are against it :upside_down_face:


The tablet is a nice idea, but maybe you can make on 2 little modifications to have it more useful for every one.
1- Instead of tablet’s button on your mini tablet, just replace that by 3 buttons: “Cut”, “Copy” and “Paste”.
2- Then, instead to have this in the hand, move this in the virtual keyboard of the current HDM tablet.

You see, 2 smalls changes can make this feature really useful for quite every users.


Why not with touching the wrist of your other hand to popup the tablet. Seems more deliberate than an open palm. Or was this update intended for android users?


Think that does not work well with my HTC vive controllers. i think the hit each other before i can press the button.


I hope for your sake this is not the only solution you’re coming up with https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/14208
it seems pretty weak to me you guys have been quiet

allow people to disable it

how about this put it on the arm like everybody has requested in the past you know the distance between the mesh that should be good enough

and make them clear buttons


I thought this was appropriate how will be up to now
It’s supposed to be humorous


:joy: +20 characters


No changes ?


(Notices changes to topic)

So… the update has been delayed? I’m not seeing any PRs related to v0.74’s milestone that is holding it back:


This will be a serious exploit vector since if a user is trying to grab something, all someone has to do is ‘shake’ their hand when they’re trying to grab an object.


Thanks for the feedback. This change was considered carefully. We felt the ability to make it easier for users to make connections with other users outweighed unintended new connections. Plus, users can remove a connection at any time.


Just idea that comes in my mind a few seconds ago.
Is it possible that new friends get marked visible in the people list. So you can see who are new friends ?

The notification system is not a good solution,

  • Hard to read.
  • Short visible
  • You cannot read notifications back.

Or make is simple that you can read notifications back in tablet app.


Not to mention, the people notifications feels a bit stalkerish. Like, do I REALLY need to know someone is in x domain? Sure, you can set YOUR connection settings, but if I really want to know where someone is, I’ll just check the people’s app.

It may be better to have an online activity instead, like “X user is now online.” In fact, I dare say if anything, that should now be a preference by the user themselves to pick if people can know they’re online, but not know where they are.

Going back to the removal of people from their connections, has anyone actually tried that? It’s a SLOW process because the lists are not cached at all and only load so many connections at a time.

As for notifications in general…

Maybe replace the unused logout button for a notification history? Just a thought (and another excuse to remove that button).


LOL that’s hilarious. Ninja handshake, it’s going to be chaos, chaos I tell you!


Well, monday is over !
And still no update ?!
Just started high fidelity,
no update notification.


Better to get it right than deliver it wrong…



OMG, I’m glued!


Is that expected that the server display the non-running icon in the task bar when it is in fact running well ?


Yes, but it’s nice to know if it’s delayed.