[Update] Beta Release 74 Now Scheduled for Monday, Oct 22, 2018


Hello again people Just to let you know you don’t need to update on this version there is no protocol change so if you have an old version you can change back in the meantime there’s some people working on different fixes to solve your issues for the future also you might find That the community has some of these issues already sorted out


Also, if you REALLY REALLY hate the loading screen…

Just type this into your console: Window.interstitialModeEnabled = false;

You’re welcome. Also, you can just use the menu option if you are using my user essential pack: http://flamesoulis.com/ue.js

You will need to either relog or reload defaultscripts.js in running scripts for the effect to become active.


It’s about time they removed where people are especially updating to everybody If you change location this is a breach of privacy They should be given new options to not show where you are at all I agree and this should be a default simple option would be willing to show people when you need it

A lot of people are unaware of this happening there definitely going to know now


Tested Beta 74 with current integrations.
“…we are pleased with the mini-tablet’s non-invasive nature.”
Tested with Sword in Left Hand on RCS with mock-payload. My initial assumptions were correct, however. Had the mini tablet shown itself while something was equipped or held, it would have been a different reaction to our demo altogether.

Dodged a bullet on this one. << whew >>


Also a BIG thank you for removing avatar in-world for each and every ac script. That had more than a few eyebrows raised. Again, apologies for my over-reaction to that one. :wink:


Is there other way then using that console with a tiny not dpi aware and blurry font ? At least a bigger font would make the console after uhmm 5 years mabye useable.


RecRoom uses a clock and Anyland a small ring which are less invasive.

3D interfaces is an experimental field in terms of UX/UI but I think that Anyland is going on the right path:

In the end these decisions must be taken after making usability tests with a decent amount of users and following usability heuristics.


Notifications even if Interface is closed!? Nonsense. Unless notifications are only related to the running server, which should be easily switchable too, in case we don’t want to be distracted by them.


Curious, made a backup of old high fidleity installation.
And just put the new one on.

What is this, and why is it enabled to run default.
A console that runs at startup. That sounds wrong !
And no explanation what it’s doing.


Don’t worry, i turned it off.

Now, i just started high fidelity. Anoying loading screen.
Bigger problem, music ! you not want music on loadings creen that interfering with other audio.

Not sure if i hate the loading screen, butt how do you turn the music off ? I hate that from the first music note.

Not sounds that i made that backup for fun !


Why is the text on the interacial loading screen all blurry looking?


Desktop to ? I have seen that screen only once. so mabye not noticed it. Not tried it in VR.


… Why we have it?


It’s to keep millennials out of hifi with there8 seconds attention spans


I just checked the ‘Thingy’ in the hand. :unamused:
The first response after 2 seconds is that you want to shake it off your hand. It’s not going away, it keeps coming back every second you look at your hands.

How can you get at all idea to implement something like this, it’s terrible ?


The kinda wonkey theremin noise. I hate the interacial blurry loading screen is one thing but does it really need a loading sound? or is that so the blind know its loading?
its up there with the idiotic beeping sound my tv makes when u adjust the volume , cos the volume being adjusted isnt sufficient to know


Spoiler: the TAA doesn’t work nicely with it. If you turn it off, it looks fine.


Oh? We need a list of stuff that’s on by default that you have to turn off
Interracial loading screen
Any more?


The loading screen can be turned off with a command thankfully. I plan to look into 75’s dev menu updates and see if I can’t ninja my own update (aka an option to turn that off). Another issue is that the loading screen doesn’t have any UV unwrap so it’s not like you can be sneaky with domain management and do something with it (Heck, I don’t even think it can be referenced normally without overlay scanning).

TAA can be turned off in the developer menu. I’ve sort of gotten used to it but if your framerate isn’t good, it will make it obvious.

Mic… actually, I remember someone requesting an option o have it muted on start. I guess that could be interesting to revisit.

Mini tablet is… not my cup of tea. Honestly, I’m not a fan of it and the fact it’s embedded in my avatar’s hand doesn’t help. It should have had an option to adjust the size and offset and maybe even viewing angles for more advanced users, which I’m sure would have appeased most complaints.


For me the loading screen let it feel that things load slower on maker.

Now i get the question if the loading screen solves the ‘lag’ on a domain when you rotate 180 degree. And something need to get loaded.

Does the loading screen solve ‘lag’ in desktop mode when you look around with the mouse. That part is very bad implemented. Your shooting in all direction when you try to look around and ‘lag’ pops in when it need to load some object and your overshoot , very confusing.

I call kt lag because i have no better description for it.


This has nothing to do with preloading this is a problem with the interface right now and to do with how the content renders in the engine when you turn your head when you have loads of things around you

But I will say one thing the loading screen is crashing the interface probably because of this problem that’s a guess

you should try and disable it and see what happens
Just type this into your console: Window.interstitialModeEnabled = false;

Then switch off the interface then restarted


Ok, tried it
And yes, things feel faster without the loadings creen, because you see maker appear almost instant.
Other thing, if the loading screen is disabled. The stats on the top of the screen for short time. The are turned off.

Also why does the loading screen show option “Go to the spot” when am going to maker. Not see any use of that button.