[Update] Beta Release 74 Now Scheduled for Monday, Oct 22, 2018


The loading screen does have a case of minimal loading times. This is because the loading screen (for 0.74) is an online resource (yep, you have to load the loading screen).

This is for people who get impatient with the loading screen and want to return to a location. The problem is if you get banned from TheSpot, you are going to have a really bad time, especially if you are in VR because the loading screen is an always on top overlay and the tablet is not, so you will be unable to do anything else except resort to that button and that’s assuming you aren’t banned.


I have a domain where it’s now impossible to go with the interstitial screen. (Wothal)
I suspect that it’ because I have there a web entity that is streaming. It’s like if this never reach to the conclusion that everything is loaded.
So this is not only a question of deactivate it if you don’t want it, It can happen that it won’t work. I think that it’s still a bit buggy, and will be alway potentially buggy. The worse thing is that now I will have to not forget to activate it for each release to make sure that everything work with it. The last thing I want is clearly multiple scenario to test regarding the access to my domain.

It there really someone who needed this feature? Can I chose to deactivate this from the server side instead of client side? Can’t you just abandon this irritating thing at all?

I think it was a bad good idea. Please, no therapeutic relentlessness.


Hi Alezia - Please email support@highfidelity.com so that the team can look into this for you. Thank you!


Well… I’m going to have put in place a workaround very soon.
So it’s not really a support case, what I would needed is more a way to log a bug :wink:


I really would like to see custom animations when loading the interface. This would be much more interesting than a progress bar…


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