Update control scheme for keyboard navigation


Hello Community.

I’m writing to alert you of changes to our keyboard navigation that are currently in development. We’re making these changes to bring our navigation scheme more into alignment with industry standards.

Probably the most noticeable changes will be to the main navigation where we’re adding strafe left (Q) and strafe right (E) in addition to the existing turn left and right keys.

The main changes are outlined in the diagram below:

Additional changes in the works:


  • SPRINT - Shift + Direction
  • JUMP - Space
  • FLY - Space (Press and hold)
  • FLY DOWN - CTRL(Windows), Command(Mac)


  • SCREENSHOT - Shift P


  • FIRST PERSON - Shift F
  • THIRD PERSON - Shift G
  • MIRROR - Shift H

Finally, we are removing:

  • LOOK UP - Shift W

  • LOOK DOWN - Shift D

  • OPEN GOTO - Enter

In addition to these changes we’re providing a script in the marketplace that will restore legacy navigation controls.

We hope that these changes will provide for everyone who’s grown used to our current control scheme while easing the orientation of new visitors to the High Fidelity world.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your feedback!

Why can we still not run?!

Are we going to be able to walk towards the camera in 3rd person?


Im a lefty and use the arrow keys mostly to navagate
any changes for my kind?
and call screenshot picture then its p for picture


I also use the arrow keys to turn left/right and move forwards/backwards, plus shift-left/shift-right to strafe left/right. Will the arrow keys still work as before, and will there be an keyboard shortcut to strafe with the left/right arrow keys (perhaps alt-left/alt-right)?


I never use the WASD corner, its nightmare if you have the mouse left.
It’s anyway terrible, to many keys around it.

It would be better if people can assign the keys.
I would use

Arrow up - move forward
Arrow down - Move backwards
Arrow left - turn left
Arrow right - turn right
right ctrl + Arrow left - strafe left
right ctrl + Arrow right - strafe right
page up - jump
page down - crouch

For run i would use the numpad zero i think. or strafe is in numpad zero and run on the right ctrl
Running i forgot how it works in hifi. Now i use the xbox controller and that need a better assignment so you can look around.


industry standard

Then we should adapt more Mouselook WASD which is more prevelent than other means: You can just look at any FPS game that has come in the last few decades, or even advanced ones where you can separate mouse to point and click on the environment. Right now dragging the right mouse button to look around is tedius, and its not very intuitive. Infact, If you just look at the amount of people asking why they cannot move with WASD in SL by default, youll find alot of hits on google.

Best example what would be nearer to HiFi would be the looking at the controls from the standalone version of Gmod, which used to be a fairly popular sandbox platform built on the source engine (originally a mod) to do silly things. It allowed you to detach the mouse to interact with hud elements and the elements infront of the player.

I would suggest WASD layout should be

  • Mouse move - move head to look around / Turning
  • W - Forward
  • S - Backward
  • A - Strafe Left
  • D - Strafe Right

Equally Arrow keys are good alt keys for these the above

  • Shift + A - Turn Left

  • Shift + D - Turn Right

  • E - Tetriary Interact

  • Left Mouse click - Interact

  • Right Mouse click - Secondary Interact

Press alt / M (SL familiar)- Separate / Capture mouse for mouse clicking on things

Print Screen - Screenshot

By Default however, the Standard should be closer to an FPS / Game controls, because that makes it more simple for users that are not familiar with social platforms to jump in.

If High Fidelity wants to use industry standards, The Mouselook WASD / Arrows control scheme is standard there is no way around this.

You want control schemes that are popular and used among other games like WoW, Guildwars 2, Overwatch or Rainbow six siege among many, many, many, others, even VRChat. Even old school games, like Deus Ex, Quake Arena, and Half Life series used this.

I still dont understand why High fidelity has decided on doing something unfamiliar.

But you have to also take account, as @Richardus.Raymaker mentioned left handed mouse users:

Instead, I agree with @Richardus.Raymaker , better just allow users to customize the controls and using the Control Abstraction for the control bindings, especially since there are Left handed mouse users and everyone has their own preference. Or allow in the controller script to have this configurable.

I could never however figure out how to capture the mouse so I never went ahead at made the control scheme.


Agrees desktop should be whatevers most common or else were just being annoying in that case we should use
a forward
d Back
w left
s right
and pee off everone


Full-customisation with common-mode defaults would be good. I use a special programmable keypad for VR controls, so being able to set things to single-non-special-key ‘macros’ is what I specifically need.


I think for running i would like to have a toggle key where you can turn run on or off. So you not need to press 2 keys in strange position all the time.

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