Update on binaryVR face tracking


@caitlin - any update on BinaryVR integration into High Fidelity? Is there a way we can have an event where we see an avatar that has BinaryVR face tracking in real-time?


cc: @Caitlyn

I think this one was originally meant for you.

I too am highly curious about this.


Great question. And I’m happy to say that (as far as I know) basic support for it is basically done and already in our code base. Hopefully the devices will ship soon so we can put it to good use!


Any idea of a price and if it has the software to run it included?

I looved faceshift it was so expensive then apple bought it then it was gone

I want to get back into it


I do know that Faceshift was targeted towards mocap professionals first, and that price tag reflected it. I’m fairly certain with BinaryVR their target is consumer VR, so I suspect that it will be very affordable. Uncertain what software they will ship with it, but I think it will “just work” out of the box with HiFi, unlike Faceshift where you had to run their software with streaming functionality switched on.

That being said, there’s a chance I’m wrong or they change it. :slight_smile:


They’re releasing a VR Dev Kit V1 first so don’t expect it to be cheap for the development version But it should be a lot cheaper than Faceshift

Price for the Dev Kit V1 is $349, excluding shipping fees, taxes and customs.