Update settings when person teleports


Because interface crashes so often, when it does, we appear elsewhere upon relaunch.

I would like the avatar’s position setting updated immediately upon teleports.


Or, going back to a request made around 15 months ago that and ability to set a home posit and choice of last place in VR space or home at launch. It’s hard enough to know there’s some place to go to begin with then find it then find a place at location… then - crash - bang do it all over again.


I haven’t paid it much attention lately, but… do we still have the ability to bookmark a spot in world to a list, and then TP there from that list, like we used to?


Yes - once you find proper new “simplified/improved” menu location. I’m sure it all makes sense in HMD mode even if it’s the worst laid out menu system I’ve ever seen in a program in 2d display.