Update speed UserData, UserData not always get updated


This is not a new problem. but it’s annoying problem.
I think userData is updated way to slow.
Or in my case it seems to not update reliable.

If i set a parameter from True to False, then reload the script it still shows True.
It only seems to reload userData when i relog. (local script, entity on ATP)
It looks like my script get some cached data and not the changed data from the userData field…

ADD: 6 Jan 2017
I just uploaded the scipt to ATP. changed the parameter in userData in edit.js -> reset script. and it still use the old setting in the script. And i can see that because the userData get saved back to the userData field with the old config. Edit.js seems not to update to teh server ? Or interface not read the updated version from the entity. Or some annoying cache is busy again.


Ok. i think i found the problem. I reused some old data.
But because edit.js is so terrible and not update information in edit.js more realtime you get wrong feedback.