Update to all packet types


We just merged a foundational change to our networking library - this pushes the version for all packet types. Please update your Stack Managers and your Interface clients and let me know if you run into any weird new networking issues.

If you’re interested in looking through the pull request you can find it here.

For more information about why we are making these changes read the post from Chris here.


I would recommend reading the pull request ( https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/5359 ) it is a fun read!


interface-win-2844 and interface-win-2845 the main display is not always visible.


We are merging a fix now for entity-server not being able to read files of the new version. If you started your entity-server and wrote new content (causing it to write a new file) you may need to grab your last backup and overwrite models.svo with that.

If you update after seeing this message you should not run into any issues.


New fixed version of the interface are up (Mac: 2712 / Win: 2847)


Issues with ICE server? Can connect via IP address but attempting to connect via place name gives unending;

Waiting for ICE discovered domain-server socket. Will not send domain-server check in.
Sending packet to ICE server to request connection info for peer with ID "redacted uuid value"


Yep, I’m looking at this right now. I believe it didn’t get re-deployed with that last set of fixes. Will update here once fixed.


Just fixed now - we had a deploy bug that didn’t update it to latest when I re-pushed the packet version. Thank you!


Seems back to normal now, @b.


Andrea Bocelli as a goodbye to PacketListener. Nice touch. :smiley:


New packet version seems to work well so far.
BTW, there is an unrelated DDE bug that stalls interface launch completely if DDE is enabled.


I have downloaded the latest build of the stack manager for Mac. But there is written until now 75, And have downloaded the latest interface build 2713. if I start it, I get the message:

All is black also after activating of an older model.svo. The same happens, if I go to hq.


After some restarts of computer and stack manager, activating old model.svo, fully messed avatar, flickering screen and hard crash - yay I’m back. :smile:


I think everything had to re cache for me after the update , but once it had it seemed to be all good again on my main pc.
my little surface pro 2 with the intel graphics said no again tho.


Graphics on my Windows PC with HD 4000 is also borked.


@ctrlaltdavid that’s not good - I doubt it’s related to the networking changes but is there any info you have I might be able to pass off to @sam to see if he knows what might be up?


It is also a no-go on my wife’s HP Spectre 360. It uses the Intel HD5000 Graphics chip. Clearly was not expecting high frame rates or fancy rendering, but no rendering and the mouse pointer rendered as a psychedelic streaker flash was seriously unexpected :smile: