Update to the Metaverse Directory


Hi All,

We have made an update to the Metaverse Directory: http://data.highfidelity.io

Find out how to add a locations with images via the video:


Maybe dumb question, sorry. How do I hotlink these so it opens in the hifi client? Copy link + paste into ctrl-enter location box doesn’t work for me. The earlier iteration of the directory, I could drag the link into location box, now that seems disabled as well.

updated – found out about ftype (windows 7), this should be able to set associations… open cmd.exe type ‘ftype hifi={location to interface .exe}’ should work, will try when I get home later.



What happens when you copy link + paste? I had some connection issues with some locations but it seems to largely work on both PC and Mac.

On Mac I can click the links in the directory and I’ll get teleported but on my PC clicking links doesn’t seem to work at all.


I can’t actually paste anything into the ‘go’ window on windows 7, must be something funny with clipboard handling in the client.


Th HiFi interface client ought to register as a handler for the hifi:// protocol. It has not been launched when I click on directory hifi:// links on Windows up to now. Has that changed? I am travelling just now so cannot check latest version.


I get the same as you on Windows. However it works very well on a Mac.