Updated chess set now in marketplace


Thanks to a bunch of people who provided feedback on my previous chess set, I’ve now fixed several issues:

The new chess set:

  1. Removes physics to make it much easier to play
  2. Has a reset button to return all the pieces to the start
  3. Allows you to scale the size of the board and all the pieces to fit different sized rooms

I hope you enjoy the new version!


Just a question after reading.
Is the reset button locked in some way when people are playing. So visitors cannot press that button for fun.


I can see why you would want that. Not sure how to tell when someone is playing or game is finished to unlock the button. Sometimes you would want to restart during a game anyway, for instance if someone abandons a previous game.

Thoughts on how to fix that?


one thought I had, not sure how feasible it is, if you can lock the reset button to everyone except the person who started the game until they end the game or they leave the domain?


That’s a good idea, I’ll think about how to implement it. Needs a bunch of code added to figure out a game has started… then you could do it based on them being active and within a certain distance of the board.


Userdata field will be partly your friend to store the state of playing ir not playing. Detecting avatars is not the biggest problem i thin. Long time i did something with hifi javascript.