Updates to the Interface Version--how to system manage?


I have been with you guys for about 12 hours and have experienced two system updates in that time and prompts to download them. You guys work fast!
Please, does each overwrite the last on my drive, or do I need to go in and manually remove files so as to not gunk up my storage?

Thank you.


Each update overrides the previous version. We do push a lot of updates.


You can just run installer - it will clean up/over-write anything it needs to. But - make sure Interface isn’t running during an update. : )

On a “busy” day you might see near 10+ update installs.


Thank you, Guys. I really am impressed with how quickly you are working.



Due to difficulty I am having with builds over Mac 2040, I would like to wipe every last bit of HF from my system and start everything new again, as if installing interface for the first time.

Where can I go to read where everything related to Interface and HighFi is stashed on my system? I presume there are files spread around in various directories, and I would need to manually delete some if not everything to make a fresh start.

Thank you.


I use this to uninstall Mac apps http://www.freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/

Search the forums for the location of interface.ini on OS X to remove it, if that app does not pick it up.

I would help more but I am on mobile but will more when I am home if needed.


No need, Coal. That is already most helpful. Thank you. I am going to try out all of the advice I received while away today. But, I can sign into 2058 now, without crash on startup. But, can’t move except to spin in first person view.


Good luck @Sterling_Wright


I’m good.