Updating Scale Factor in Interface


Hi Alpha Folks,

We’d like to standardize the assets in-world to have units of measure as meters and a default scale of 1.
Our engineers have made the change on the code side and updated the scale factor for existing assets on the network.

Going forward, let’s settle on using meters as the unit of measure. That way all our assets will have correct relative scale.

If you see anything unusual when uploading new avatars or using existing avatars, let us know and we can sort it out.



For those using the blender method of setting scale to 0.01 when exporting FBX you will want to use 1 and if the model was smallish you’ll want to re-export. I’m currently looking for a microscopic chair in my domain. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we haggle and call it a metre? :wink:


Thanks, that saves my lots of meters work :slight_smile: make things more easy and steady.