Updating the rendering pipeline to use OpenGL 4.1 Core profile everywhere


Hi All,

We have a big update going out that will be moving everything up to OpenGL 4.1 as a minimum requirement. This PR eliminates the last of the deprecated and compatibility mode OpenGL. Because of this we are now able to use the core profile on OSX and eliminate a lot of code that had to support multiple rendering paths. It also enables the use of advanced diagnostic tools like nVidia NSIGHT for debugging rendering issues and improving performance.


Buckle up guys, This will mean people on the older integrated graphics will have issues.

For example, HD4000 on Mac would barely meet the minimum, but it wouldnt meet it on Linux or Windows.

Actually I think the most issues this will bring out is with the Linux crew, but we will see.


Well, interface completely does not work on my wife’s new HP Spectre 360 computer. Yes, it only has a Intel HD5500, but it works quite OK in SL and OpenSim viewers. Interface, not at all - just a weird smearing action when the move pointer is moved.

Tried it on a Dell Lattitude E6540 (2 years old) with an Intel HD4600, and interface runs OK on it. Weird.


If you look at the support for OpenGL You will see the Intel stuff is supported If you go high up in the numbers my understanding this is basic support on minimum


I think nothing works on intel graphics4400 well it hasnt for me for like ever


Hi @Balpien_Hammere make sure it is using opengl 4.1


Windows build 2932 (latest right now) is unexpectedly running (can view sandbox content) on my HD 4000! … Surface Pro tablet (original) using Microsoft graphics driver.


… for one of the earlier meetups I used a laptop w/Intel HD 3000 running Ubuntu 12.04. Scaling the resolution down so much made it more of an opening-your-eyes-underwater simulation. :wink:

OpenGL 4.1 is an exciting move though, especially in terms of the Desktop and VR use cases.

Maybe one or two alphas could capture some of their system upgrade recommendations into virtual items (half-page buyer’s guides?) in the marketplace? I think having tangible examples of turn-key laptops and desktops (ideally for each of the three main operating systems) would help make migration paths easier to see in general.


HD nnnn OpenGL versions (URL from @chris): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_HD_and_Iris_Graphics#Capabilities