Upgrades to Windows 10 from Microsoft without your permission?


Seems like the reports keep going on that people are getting upgraded to Windows 10 Without your permission probably need to use a blocker of some kind there’s plenty out there to use he’s the recent reports on Reddit

This is not just Reddit it plenty of news items have been said about this recently

I would like to know if anybody is having this outside of the United States

with you like to add to the information please do as this is unacceptable in anybody’s eyes

No wonder people want to move to Linux when Microsoft do this


But you made me upgrade to Windows 10 0.0


But you still had a choice :wink:


While I find Windows 10 pretty decent and better than Windows 7, and also seeing that they do not want Windows 7 to become another Windows XP, I can see why they are being so pushy. Also this is annoying.

(Windows 10 Pro, wanting to Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro)

However there are limits to this, and what they are doing right now is pretty unforgivable, and make people and companies not trust them even more. Infact,. I think it is having the opposite effect of what they Intended to do. This combined with their ****retentive anticompetative UWA program… yeah I have some issues with Microsoft.

My office had suddenly over 10 computers not able to do anything for about 2-3 hours and some of them had to be completely wiped clean for the Windows 10 update to work perfect.

There most likely will be a large scale lawsuit against Microsoft in the future , as there have been many lost work hours due to this. Also considering now It is nigh impossible to get support to answer to anything related to their Windows Phone Platform store which I work with…

So Yes it is happening Internationally

Hopefully as soon as Linux begins to get more support for gaming, I will definitely be moving over. Right now though, Windows is the only way to go for it :frowning:


Did you just get the update today for pro ?


Nah that was at the start of the week. I just found the wording funny of an Upgrade from Windows 10 Pro # to Windows 10 Pro # instead of just calling it an update.