Upload button badly named should be IMPORT


The “Upload” button on the edit strip of icons could be confusing, it should not be upload it should be import in my opinion.

The uploading takes place between the user and their webserver, so lets not confuse them.

The action of bringing the model inworld from a webserver is not uploading anything, it is mapping to the url, the domain never receives the file. The user client then downloads it from the webserver, so I feel the word upload is not suitable in this context.

Just try to explain the whole upload sequence to someone and you will see what I mean.


When you’re sending a file from the local machine to a server, you’re uploading. When you move a file from a server to the local machine, you’re downloading. This is true weather the server you happen to be uploading to is physically located locally or not.

“Importing” on the other hand is typically reserved for moving a file into an application (from either a local or network resource). More specifically, an application “opens” it’s own native format data, and “imports” non-native data.

For example, when I’m on Second Life, and I’m making something, and I need a texture, I “upload” it to the asset server. By your definition, if Philip was in his office when he headed up LL, and did the same thing, he’d be “importing” rather than “uploading” a file? I think not.

Just my thoughts… anyone’s welcome to chime in an correct me if they think I’m interpreting these terms improperly.


Ok but I think you missed my point
It may be true that Import is not the right word for this action, but upload certainly isnt either.

"By your definition, if Philip was in his office when he headed up LL, and did the same thing, he’d be “importing”

I dont see how you got that from what I said.
I think its a bit pointless to use examples that dont suit the situation.

I reiterate my challenge, try to explain the upload steps to someone.
“you have to upload the object, then you have to upload the object” is my point.
Are we trying to confuse the users?

Edit. I found a short description online which demonstrates the way I see it

UPLOAD - Copying the entire file content to the target web server.
IMPORT- Loading the copy of the file to your system or your software or Web application.


Ok, well, when you have a model on your machine, there are two steps. you move it from your local system to a sever, weather it’s in the corner like Hillary’s emails, or somewhere hosted “in the cloud”. In either case, you’re “uploading” the model to the server.

Then, in HF, you’re opening a dialog box and pointing to a resource on a server with a URL, so, by definition, you’re now downloading that model from the server to your local machine and telling the server to instantiate the object “in world”, and interface renders that. In second life, that was referred to as resolving or “rezzing” as it is more commonly said. If anything, it’s a rez button.


I’m going to necro this post. Because I was just about to post the same:

Instead of Upload or Import, why not just use term *Add akin to “Add Reference To”. It should be more simple terminology, and we technically are adding an Entity with a reference set to a asset url to the world. Its like Add Image, or Add Model.

Upload make it presume that HiFi handles all the hosting within their own servers or within the specific domain: But this isnt the case.


Looking at the other buttons, they all indicate what they’re going to “add” to the world. So maybe the “Upload” button should be something indicating that it’s a mesh model that you’re adding. … For example, the house that’s currently on the “market” button but labelled “model”?


Or it could be made so that the market and the add button are the same, but the progression would be after pressing Add, to choose from the market, or custom.


I know this happened a while ago, but still Thank you.


And at the end of the story i do not use the button anymore at all, because ATP. Alo a question if that button is still usefull there in the near future. It posibble can be moved from to screen into the edit menu.

ADD: Now i see why i never noticed the text change. the font is so tiny that it’s not readable.