Uploaded items to marketplace are not available


Hi there,

last day I’ve uploaded some tulips to the marketplace. I’ve got 5 approvel emails.

None of these 5 tulips I’m able to rez from the ‘my items’ menu.

Also, two of my uploaded items (the brick structure and the yellow tulips) have a ‘invalidated certificat’ and I have no clue about the reason, or how I can fix it? The .json looks fine for me, and the .fbx works.


Thanks in advance

@changx @Caitlyn


Hiya Skimi,

Sorry for the trouble- we had an issue with the certificate signing on the latest build which is causing them to not rez. We’re going to have a fix in the next release… I’ll hide these items until we’ve got it.

Really sorry for the inconvenience!



Hi @Caitlyn,

thanks for your reply and that you’re keeping an eye on this. In this case it would not bad, if you hide this item also. If someone buy it, this error message pop up. The item is still available in the marketplace:




I need to come back to this topic, still have problems with the items.

  1. As I mentioned in the other topic (Beta Release 63), the items - in this case the tulips - are not rez-able from the ‘my items’ tab in marketplace. I just hear a sound, the tulips appear for a millisecond and poof away. I tried to re-log, problems still happens. Btw, I don’t have the problem with the other items.

  2. Bought tulips from the marketplace are able to rez and stay inworld - but only with full collision (I uploaded them without any collision). If I change the collision to ‘no-collision’, after a relog they also poofed away from inworld. Just with collission shape they stay inworld…. weird, I know.