Uploading a mesh into Highfidelity from Blender using ATP


Need easy program (with readable font) to fix mixamo avatars ? and for making mesh and paint it with texture brush

The return of tutorials by Judas. I’m going to post my MakeHuman tutorial shortly.


Aye lol, well i was asked how do I … and it takes as long to make a video as it does to explain it


13 minutes more upload time to YouTube. I was able to recreate the “Rio” pipeline that I attempted with the MakeHuman nightly builds. I’ll need you or @Menithal to chime in on the forum with respect to proper weight techniques and where I went wrong with the Physics Hull size mishap (never did fix that last time either)

Anyway, when it’s done, I’ll post it on the MakeHuman thread and cross reference it here…