Uploading Avatars


I’m interested in building and uploading avatars I looked at the wiki post on Creating Blendshapes,. I found the “http://public.highfidelity.io/meshes” public meshes.
I wanted to check the workflow on uploading a head. I downloaded a public set, then went to upload head model pointed it at the .fst file and it seemed to accept the file but my head didn’t change in world. The uploaded head doesn’t appear in the interface preferences browse list and I don’t seem to have an inventory.
Any insights on the problem would be welcome.

I’m hoping to start by modding an existing head mesh and when I have that working create something from scratch.


We are currently debugging some issues with avatar uploads. I don’t think your head should change once you upload, but you should see the file in the browse list. What name did you give to the head you tried to upload?


Yes, the upload is not supposed to change the model you are wearing just because one might want to upload a collection of avatars h created without changing his every time.


It was uploaded as jud but isn’t in the browse list but at this stage could be any number of things.I’m hoping that opening the head in blender pulling the ears out then saving it in the same format as it was opened, shouldn’t break anything(it probably does)

its the ron ava with all the ron,s changed to jud’s in the names and the fst file.

But this is day 3 for me and I’m quite prepared to embrace my own incompetence. A lot of this is entirely new to me I can build and rig in second life, but faceshift is entirely new to me, but I like a challenge.


Hey @Judas,

Doing some debugging on that feature, and I found your model on our server, it was just misplaced.
So don’t worry you did everything right.
We are still experiencing some issues at the moment though. So even if you are now able to upload it and see it in the browse list, the data gets corrupted on the way so you wont be able to wear it.
I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

From the looks of it, can’t wait to try on your work.


Thanks for the reply that’s great. I know its early days so no rush. :slight_smile:


No worries, I planned to work on fixing that tomorrow anyway.


Well I got a little closer, the FBX importer in Bender 2.7 wasn’t bringing in the Rig. But there’s a fix for it explained here http://darisl.wordpress.com/about/importing-fbx-files-into-blender-with-full-armaturesweights/. Which imports it correctly at least into blender.


Hey @Judas,

The code got merge earlier today, the feature will still broken on the installer until it is updated, but if you are building from source, you will be able to upload your avatar.
If anything goes wrong, you should get a popup telling what the problem is.

Be wary that:

  • You will not be able to delete your model from the server
  • You cannot overwrite an existing model

A tool allowing users to manage their models will definitely be coming down the line, but for now we will only support simple uploads.


Hey@Atlante45. I tried again, Is building from source running my own server? cos I cant do that lol. Feel free to delete jud and jud2 from the server if your able neither work and I’m worried my floundering broken efforts will make the place untidy.

Can I test load them anyway maybe from dropbox or onedrive? Even if no one but me can see them in world Id like to figure the avatars out.


No worries, just name them judX for testing purposes and I’ll clean it up.

From what I can see, the upload was successful for jud2 and the files seemed fine to me.
BUT, there was no texture directory, and after taking a look at the code I noticed a case wasn’t handled correctly. Could you zip your model and send it to me with the exact file architecture you’re using at clement@highfidelity.io so that I can double check?

I couldn’t find jud though, It might come from the fact that you changed the name of your fst file but not the name of the model as stated inside the fst. Only that name matter, not the name of the file.
Technically you could send the exact same model several time by only changing the tag “name” in the fst file. The data server will rename everything accordingly.

When I talked about building from source I meant downloading the source of the client on github and compiling them yourself. But if you are on mac you shouldn’t need to. if you have the latest version, it’ll be alright.


I created another document on our wiki with instructions for uploading your models. Let me know if you have any questions.


After all weekend screaming at blender I think I have a workflow found away to convert the fbx to a dae import it into blender make it pretty, then export it back out then convert it back to a fbx, much relief



yay its working :slight_smile:


Any chance you could supply the rig in a blender format? I tried building a rig from scratch but have no way to know if or when it breaks.


There you go
These have the ron avatar rig as a dae which seems compatable with other progs which is to say every other method of trying to get a fbx to work in blender failed. This dae will import into max and maya etc and then export correctly as a fbx.

I haven’t got the face shift settings to work but i got the head to texture and upload its eyes move but the face isn’t working, but that stuff is new to me


BTW, moving between formats is never easy, you loose rigging here, you loose blenshapes there. This is something that we can really solve on our end. The best thing is to start in Blender from scratch and remain working with that tool or, Maya but not leave Maya. Each have a fbx plugin and can export in that format. You want to make sure to export in the “binary” fbx format not that ASCII one.


@ryan I belive blenders fbx support is incomplete it will import fbx’s but If you try it it looses the rig.
I tried exporting the fbx from maya and max as a dae as fbx is their format. There is a plugin for blender bos.fbx which nearly works but unlinks the rig.
The main problem in blender is even if you build it all , as it stands it cant export the fbx correctly for HF.
What would help me out as a poor Teacher would to include DAE collada import into HF. Its opensource and seems to do everything fbx does (I’m not sure about the face shift stuff facial defoms are on the list of things to waste my 2week Easter break on lol


@Loki, I’ve seen jud2’s body was on the server, but the textures were still missing.
Since the client checks the textures needed by the fbx and fails if they are not found,
this probably means that either the textures are not referenced in the fbx or that client is not up to date.
Could you check if you are on the clients latest version, please?