UPS Stop at @Jeff's House Today


… and look what he left !!!

Unfortunately he’s busy with work and then he’s got a family function tonight after that, so as anxious as he is to get started with it, it’s going to have to wait for the weekend most likely.


awesome, @jeff is gonna be busy this weekend :slight_smile:


argh! Still waiting for mine…


Still waiting on the first oh , ahhs and argrhs. :slight_smile:
The dev kit is to expensive for me, with shiiping etc. the price is pretty high.
I wait for the final version and hope the fixt everything, and increased the resolution.

Its on my list now anyway.


Yeah, once it’s into mass production I imagine with economies of scale the price will come down quite a bit. Right now it seems to take a while to get one. @Jeff told me that he ordered his back in March, so the wait is substantial. There’s also alot of different areas to check it out with too. I’m sure he’ll be having lots of fun with it.