Urgent. Crash when i teleport from simsquare to playa. or login on playa (build 5086)


I currently when i write this i crash every time when i try to teleport to playa = crash
It also seems to happen when i login straigth on playa = crash
Teleporting from simsquare to shop, waiting until it’s loaded and then to playa = crash

Also crashed with the LOD set manual and complete to the left side on playa

There are currently some avatars with voice there. Or soem bad avatar is right now there. Or something else happend

So if this is not fixt before the meeting we better keep the meeting on other domain

@caitlyn, what happen on playa right now ?


I am at the playa entry point now w 5086, experiencing no crashes. There are a few spots that upon viewing them lowers my frame rate a bit, but it is not particularly bad (this is in desktop mode).


It’s now fine again. must eb some very bad avatar there when i tried it earlyer.


Yes, that is quite possible. I have run into some high-poly avatars that will tank my FPS.


That’s soemthing else then tank the whole viewer to a crash stage.