URGENT Edit window gotcha, up arrow deletes object


The checkboxes respond to clicks anywhere across the row, things get clicked invisible by accident but thats not the nasty one.

The nasty one is working on the scriptURL, a couple of cursor arrow presses and you’ve deleted the object.

How it happens is, you try to edit the scriptURL, and a natural part of editing is back arrow to skip back across the letters, but the cursor jumps up into the lifetime box and almost any action results in the lifetime going to 0 or -2 which deletes the object instantly.
Its also too easy to click the area above the scriptURL which activates the lifetime checkbox.

  1. Cursor arrow keys should not escape the scriptURL window.
  2. Clicks should only respond when clicking the box or the word associated.

This needs to be fixed urgently, is causing untold damage, please fix it asap


For the checkbox issue: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7608


For arrow keys: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7614