URL for managed high fidelity hosting


In the past i got a link to high fidelity account with hosting packadges for high fidelity. I guess manged hosting.

Where curious, but cannot find it back.
Seems to be digital ocean. But where’s the price list / and other info ? https://docs.highfidelity.com/create-and-explore/start-working-in-your-sandbox/digital-ocean

I look for the pricelist. without make account or other thing right now.

ADD: Think it’s this image i got in the past. :slight_smile:



I just made an account myself. I think it was 10$/month and you get 10$ discount if you launch it from High Fidelity. I also use the Digital Ocean Spaces, which is now in trail I think they charge you an extra 5$ per month after the trial. There are fines if you exceed the transfer limit of 0.01 $ per GB.

Installing High Fidelity was an easy process and Spaces works fine but…
I’m trying to find out how to upload my sandbox but until now I did not manage to do it.

Hope this helps



Now i get the question for myself what network bandwidth you get with every package.

In the past i could handle a few users from home fine. Cpu where a bigger problem because i tried to save some energy.

On what is the amount of max. users based.


Just looking a bit around. My hosting provide have VPS systems to i used before.

and for 14,- euro i can get a 2vcores. 2GB memory and 200GB storage. “no traffic limit.” , windows system, Hosted in europe

The linux version you can get more for less money. But we all know how userfriendly linux is with high fidelity. That i avoid it. Especially if you need to remote access it from windows.

Nah, i can better first play with it from home when ready. Wait still for a few fixes in QT windows.