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As many of you have discovered, pasting a link to a High Fidelity location on the web isn’t a great experience, since a hifi:// link isn’t widely recognized as a hyperlink. Thanks to @marko8904, we’ve got a better way of linking to High Fidelity locations:

Use the format http://hifi.place/playa/10/10/10, with your domain name in place of “playa” and the coordinates in place of the three numbers.

This is somewhat of an interim solution, and we’ll be working on further improvements.


hifi:// would be recognized if the Interface app or the installer added an association to “hifi:”. It is fairly straightforward to do that in Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Here is an example of the InWorldz viewer installer having done just that for their high level association:


But does it highlight hifi:// as a hyperlink? Or inworldz:// for that matter?


This is an example of a client app for another grid. You could take internal links and drop them onto a WEB browser which would then navigate into the client app and take you to a spot.

I’m saying HF could do the same with their client interface app, and associate “hifi://…” back to their app.


hifi:// is associated with Interface.exe already. For example, create a new shortcut on your desktop, enter “hifi://playa” as the target. And when you click on the shortcut it starts up Interface if it isn’t already running, and takes you to the playa place location.


Yep, great fix @marko8904 ! , This helps making clickable hyperlinks in for example chat-apps / wiki pages :smiley:


Just to clarify - we do (and have since early alphas) registered the hifi:// URL scheme with the operating systems. As @ctrlaltdavid mentions, this works fine to allow launching the interface client if anyone uses a hifi:// url in a web page or web browser on a machine with Interface installed. In fact, what this http://hifi.place url redirector does is simply do an HTTP redirect to the hifi:// URL scheme.

However, as Jess mentions, we want to make it easier for people to include clickable links in popular services like twitter, facebook, or even our own forum software. And these platforms don’t know what URL schemes are registered and so they don’t make clickable links out of custom URL schemes. What this redirector does is allow you to get a clickable link in those web services.

As Jess mentions, in the future we will extend this even further to detect whether or not the user has Interface installed, and if not offer them a download link, otherwise redirect them to the hifi:// scheme.


This doesnt seem to work anylonger. Says “The request could not be satisfied.”


Checked in with Ops on this, and the brokenness was the result of an expired certificate. Should be working again within 40 minutes or so. Thanks for the heads up!

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