Use better font for the log window


Doing some thing, but to check for errors your required to look in the log window. But the font that is used is not really compatible with windows. It’s blurry and fuzzy.


On my magnifier screen it’s really visible and makes it wore to read.
I have magnified this picture below to 150% to simulate a magnifier.


This is a problem in windows 10 and high dpi settings that the log window is not handling correct. Force high fidelity to use 100% does not fix anything.


Please choice a better font that’s compatibly with modern specifications for the log window.


@philiprosedaleJust checked it again. i tried to make a replacement. That works a bit. But the font’s in the log window are still bad. If i use the windows magnifier it still looks like above.

Are there plans or work to get this improved soon ?