Use Blender to modify a default avatar


Using Blender 2.74 Ill show you how to download a default avatar , import it into Blender, change the colours (colors for any Americans) save the model out as a FBX then using drop box re import the model back into Highfidelity

Slight bug in that the orgin point compared to hifi gets messed up so the walk script will put your feet above your ears.To fic that u need to move the entire rig and mesh down so the pelvis lines up with the center of the grid, then apply location. But if you dont turn on walk for now you can ignore this part ;S


Thank you:) But who i can find the textures from the body and the clothes, please?

Thank you


the loading bar does not come when he should upload the fst. its frustated…at the moment i have not idea why? Any Ideas?

Thank you


The textures are embedded in the file I used, if you cant see them you need to change bblender into textured mode and glsl shading mode and make a hemi light, which are covered in the video.


Yes, i see this all, but i whould like to have the Textures seperat and in Photoshop new clothing make:) And what i like to do is new Skin Textures…but i see in Mixamo i have the Textures from the Skin. When than the rest work was this great, but i load and load and i can the Avatare not see…i am Roboter…I have headache because I always hew me with her ​​head on the table , it’s crazy to be… I play and load but i see the Roboter not the new Avatare:( On your Video is goes perfect, but why not by me…heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllp

Thank you for your repley.


file -external data-unpack all into file


Yes i have…i send you the link you can see…


the loading bar does not come when he upload the fst …is this the mistake? when the loading bars not coming, can show the avatare not…


[DEBUG] [04/05 21:29:45] Logging activity “changed_model”
[DEBUG] [04/05 21:30:01] Changing skeleton model for avatar to “
[DEBUG] [04/05 21:30:01] Logging activity “changed_model”
[DEBUG] [04/05 21:30:01] Changed scale to 1.34
[WARNING] [04/05 21:38:01] void QWindow::setTransientParent(QWindow *) QWidgetWindow(0x60000029f4f0, name = “QWidgetClassWindow”) must be a top level window.
[DEBUG] [04/05 21:39:06] Changed scale to 1.34


:heart: the tutorials Judas. Nice shout out to @thoys at the 3 minute mark. :smiley:
I’m following the tutorial now and expect things to work as demonstrated.


Up and running Stack @ QueenCity!
Running an .fbx directory on the domain.
Keep up the GREAT tutorials @Judas!!!

(for those unfamilar, I am using an attachment for a head as advised in the early alpha circa Sept. 2014)



I think I know what your problem is.

When I attempt to access your link I got the following:

This was a similar error that I was having prior to adding proper directory browsing access permissions on my domain. I do not know the process for this with Amazon Web Services, but for my personal domain I simply added to the .htaccess file the correct permissions.

I do believe if you enable directory browsing you should have a correct file import to High Fidelity.

Good Luck! :smile:


Thank you so mutch for your repley:)


So um… I tried to unpack modify and redeploy as a new avi named Sara. Sara is my attempt at changing one eye to blue for the sake of understanding the process…

Stay tuned…


All done. I nominate @Judas for more Alpha tutorials. :smile:


I can’t find the place, where I can download the public avatars. :blush:

#17 @summer4me


Understood. I just used the URL that is inside of Judas’ video above. Make sure you grab the .fst file and the folder containing the model you are interested in using.

For Kate example, go to skeletons > Download Kate.fst
Then go inside Kate directory and grabe Kate.fbx

You MUST maintain the folder ‘Kate’ on your local prior to opening in Blender. Also, if you are running your own Stack Manager, you need to reset the server if you make changes to the .fbx or .fst using ftp or file manager.

Good Luck :smile:


Thanks, have found now :smile:


One problem I keep having is - when I export back to FBX I get a skeleton with 68 bones vs imported skeleton having 57 - Blender seems to be adding an extra bone at ends.

Skeleton from HiFi’s current series - last bone vertically is mixamorig:HeadTop_End

Export to FBX from Blender 2.74 - look at skeleton again (import back into Blender or analyze with another tool) and it’s broken in HF as well.

Last bone vertically is mixamorig:HeadTop_End_end connect to the former last bone mixamorig:HeadTop_End

Same with fingers, toes - each digit has an extra new appended end bone, each foot and head. Thus 57 bones in correct with 1+1+4+4+1 =11. 57+11=68. Glad hands only have 4 bone chains or we’d be at 70.

Going to try again disabling all my add ons to make sure something there isn’t a problem.