Use htc vive pad for walking and change walk speed


I have seen this option for the first time in serious sam ‘the first encounter’ and waiting for update that is improving it.

But in that game you just touch the pad to move around. yes i use smooth walk there and nt the useless teleport, that does not work good in.

But i see that option in high fidelity as a good solution, at least to try and have as option.

Also if we use the pad to walk, we can also finaly have a speed control. deadzone -> moving thumb outwards let you walk faster. It also is much better for the controller buttons. but make also sure that you only have the walk option on one of the controllers so you can use the other fr jumping (still need to be imprved) and maby have teleport on tht same cntroller.

So my duggestion is to have a walk option on the pad that works linear so when hou go more to the outside of the ring you start to walk faster and hopefull we can finaly run to. Let this work only on one controller selected by the user. and use the other ne for jumping and teleporting to avoid conflicts.

ADD: It’s seroius sam “the first encounter” and not “The last hope” :open_mouth:


Interestingly I was thinking about the same thing about a couple of months ago nice to have options Is somebody up so the challenge of trying to make this JavaScript ?


There’s one problem and you see that in serious sam ‘the first encounter’ If movement is to slow combined with to fast sideway movements you get at some point sick.

But i think movement speed in high fidelity is at slow side, a bit faster could work. Trail and Error.