Use the spacebar instead of Alt for triggering the VR menu


Using the Alt key prevents it from being used by scripts. For example, the current edit.js menu items such as Edit > Export Entities shortcut of Meta + Ctrl + E cannot be changed to be Ctrl + Alt + E instead - the “Meta” key is unknown to Windows users so Alt would be a natural alternative if it could be used.

Perhaps the spacebar could be used to trigger the VR menu instead of the Alt key?


Complete agree that ALT is a wrong key. But if space is a good one ? Btw, can the vr-menu not moved to a button on the hand controller, so it’s complete moved away from the keyboard. Make more sense for me to choice that option. If i would use VR-Headset the keyboard is 1.5 meters away from me and behind me, as example.

As long there’s a controller with buttons…


Unfortunately, the vive controller is already crowded.

  • One button is reserved for both controllers is for SteamVR (the lowest menu).
  • Left Trackpad is used for movement, while the right trackpad is used for rotation.
  • Analog Triggers are used for interactions, while the grab buttons are required to hold to “equip something”.
  • Top button for both controllers is used to open menu, which I cannot interact with even with the Handcontroller Interaction Script

When I get the chance Ill try to experiment some more with 3D Ui that is intractable with the controllers.